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FCDMR Repeaters have moved to Brandmeister Network — 14 Comments

  1. Enjoying the move to BM on KF4I Palm Coast repeater.
    Have USA 3100 in code plug of my CS700. First contacts was
    Tel Aviv Israel, Singapore China, Curaçao Netherland Antilles.
    Dave – KA4TXY in Palm Coast

  2. Daniel, My codeplug was updated for the BM network by Thom,KF4I who has the repeater I’m using in Palm Coast. He changed FCDMR, FL, GA, USA 3100 and I think TAC310 and TAC311 to get me on the air with the Brandmeister change. I have all the JAX dmr repeaters in it but they do not have the changes for the BM network. Thom is going to rewrite my codeplug for all the FCDMR repeaters. So really as the way it’s programmed, the Palm Coast repeater is the only one useable on BM.
    Dave – KA4TXY ka4txy@gmail.com

    • Hi Dave, The reason for not being able to download the file is because you needed to be logged in to the forum to be able to download the file. I do not know why you didn’t get a notice telling you that when trying to download the file. I have changed the permission for guest users so that anyone can download the files now. Try to download the file again and let me know if you can get it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would like to see you register on the forum and make some post if you would. Once you get the code plug check it out for any errors if you would and let me know if you find any. You can post the code file on the FCDMR site in the file section so that it may help everyone with a CS700.
      kf4eok / Daniel

  3. Just noticed that the repeater IDs are reversed on the Kingsland sample code plug. 311228 is the Jax Beach site and 311230 is the downtown site.


  4. UPDATE: here is new codeplug for the CS700. http://www.kf4eok.com/forum/forum/main-forum/bands-modes/dmr/255-code-plugs-for-the-connect-systems-cs700

    Here is the g6amu code plug editor that I use to convert the TYT MD-380 and MD-390 codeplugs to be compatible with the CS700.
    You can chose the radio model in the basic tab / radio model. This will allow you to import any MD380 / 390 codeplug and save it for a CS700. This is nice and easy.

    You can also find the g6amu codeplug editor here:
    I hope this helps someone.

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